Little Stint

Touring the Island at the beginning of February was an incredible growing experience.

Though I have played many of these venues and with many of the musicians in different musical outfits in the past, I experienced them in a new light as time had changed all present elements. In a way, I felt out on my own as a musician for the first time and yet still felt the warm support of the players, listeners and organizers. All of the insecurities came up; I was teaching my songs to new musicians I look up to daily, playing them for new audiences and hoping for a clear transmission of what I had to say, being able to maintain the required openness and vulnerability while still being able to stay on top of business. In any case it's a beautiful thing when my experiences as a musician line up with what i sing about in my songs. Feeling like I don't know what I'm doing and yet naturally, it happens. Going through all of the self doubt, shining different lights on the shadows to see what they can become.

As I go through these experiences openly can begin to feel annoyingly self centered. Then I remember that, while in a big way, all of this work I do for myself, I hope that as I shine a light on myself for others to see they will respond in kind. This never would have started if it weren't for all the folks that let their masks slip without wincing. It would not continue to happen if this expression was not mirrored back. When you allow yourself to be free, you can encourage the freedom of others. This is something that can be done by performers, just as it can be done by the audience and the folks who hold space for it to unfold.

So, infinite thank yous to all who took part; The Vault Cafe, Ronny Bernard & Friends, Rapture Barbers, Chad Pabianek, Amy Muloin, Colby O'niel with Lotus Eater Films, The Cornerstone Cafe, Vinyl Envy, Matthew Adrade, T-Rav The Transformer,  Hannah Snider, Kate Romain, Mama & The Boys and everyone who came out and shared a broad spectrum of times with us.

To me, this has been the grander landscape we were in together. I hope you felt it too.

Until next time, Van Isl, xoxo.


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